Level2 has its rewards. Literally.

People who sign up for Level2 are automatically eligible to start earning rewards. Cool, right?

Learn how we make earning easy!

Smartphone with preview of Level2 app, a Fitbit wearable device, a Continuous Glucose Monitor, and a message in a bubble that says Earn your cash gift cards.

How? It’s simple.

Some participants are rewarded just for wearing a CGM, meeting with a coach, and eating better. ALL participants earn rewards for moving more.

Sign up for Level2 to learn more about your specific rewards program.



All participants earn rewards every day they meet their step goals using a Fitbit® activity tracker. Don’t have a Fitbit? No problem — when people sign up, we send them a Fitbit® to use while they’re participating in Level2.



Some participants earn rewards for wearing their CGM, plus additional rewards after meeting with their coach.



Some participants earn rewards every day they tell us via the Level2 app that they followed the personalized advice from their coach.